Hundige strand familie camping

The history of the campsite in Hundige

Hundige Strand Familiecamping has a long and rich story behind it.
Today, Hundige Strand Familiecamping is a well-established campsite with loads of visitors every single year. As the oldest campsite still in existence in Denmark, with roots going back to 1926,

Hundige Strand Familiecamping has a long and interesting history.

Hundige Strand Familiecamping started out as quite a small camping club, with the aim of finding an area for camping life and organise the few camping clubs that already existed. This led to the foundation of Lejrklubben Danmark.

Since then, development has been steady, and in spite of the original opposition against something that was once described as an "establishment for fornication", Lejrklub Danmark (later

Lejrklubben for Danmark) eventually succeeded in entering into agreements with landowners, including the Danish State and the Danish Society for Nature Conservation, regarding the establishment of campsites throughout the country.

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